Reception & Year 1 - Canterbury

Welcome to Canterbury Class!
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Miss Herbert is the class teacher for Canterbury Class. The other adults in the class are Miss Fraser, Mrs. Range, Mrs. Hays, Mr. Dessena and Mrs. Miller.


Our topic for this term is "Champions". 

  •  PE is  on Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Library books will be changed on Friday afternoons.
  • Year 1 spelling tests will be on a Friday.

Reading books

All children have a Yellow Reading Diary which should be kept in their book bags at all times. Please feel free to write any comments about your child's reading in the diary. Miss Herbert will have a guided reading session with each of the Year 1 children during the week and record a comment in their books. Any additional adults will write in the book and a brief comment.


Year 1 Maths Target Cards - support games
I have attached a link for a Maths skills website that will support your child in reaching their Maths Target. This website can be used alongside the Maths Target ideas in your child's homework wallet.
All of the activities on this website will enable your child to practise their counting skills and develop good mental maths skills.
Number bonds work
All Year 1 children have to know their number bonds to 10 and 20 and their corresponding subtraction facts by the end of the year.  Below you will find website links which will give you ideas on how to support your child in learning their number bonds.  The ICT game reinforces your child's recognition of which numbers go together to make 10.  Number bonds will form the basis for our class mental maths work over the next half term and the children will gradually pick up these facts the more we practice. The worksheets in their target card pack are for support if needed but are not a requirement. If you click on the  titles below you will be taken to the websites.
Week Beginning 19th September 2017
Throughout the year we will be learning about Seasonal changes and beginning ongoing work on our weather and it's changes. Below you will find links to a children's weather forecast website that will help your child learn about the weather but also the different parts of the U.K.  You will also find another link to a website that tells you the name of different cloud formations. I have also included a brief guide on how to make a weather station. Click on the blue words below to access the websites.
Reading words and sentences
Below you will find a link to a website that helps your child with their reading. There are various levels which help your child break up words and read longer sentences.  This is suitable for both Reception and Year 1.
Year 1 Maths Target games/support
The children will be working on the following Maths targets in school -
  • To read, write and record numbers in numerals and words
  • To count in 2s, 5s and 10s ( to be able to recognise numbers in these sequences)
  • To recognise the differences between ty and teen numbers
  • Reading the time
Summer second half of term - Buds and Bugs
Please find below the topic webs for EYFS and Year 1. We are delighted to be able to have Zoolab come in, during this half term, to teach us more about animals and their habitats.
Summer 2018 Helping Hands
See below what we will be learning this term. 
EYFS Topic web
Please find below the topic web for Reception learning
Year 1 Maths - quarter, half and whole turns
This week we are focussing on rotation of shapes and objects. We are applying our knowledge through the use of programmable toys called Beebots. Please note that the activity link below which involves turn around a circle has challenging questions but is useful for the children to use to show a whole turn, half turn and quarter turn. I am not expecting the children to be able to answer all the questions but they should benefit from seeing whole, half and quarter turns on the circle.
We will also be looking at direction and compass points for navigation.
Please find a link below for a  program that will help reinforce these skills.
Reception Maths
Below are some links to ICT games which will reinforce the children's learning in counting.
Number line Adding - Year 1
We are learning how to use a numberline to add on. We are also revising our number bonds to 20. Please find below a link to an ICT game which will support your child's learning. We used this game to practise writing addition number sentences. 
Place Value activities
We will be looking at how many tens and ones there are in different numbers. Below you will find a game that will support your child's learning.
French EYFS/Year 1
Every Tuesday afternoon the children learn to read and speak French. Much of what they learn is done using songs and actions. Below are the words to a French Children's song that are used in class. Happy singing!
Spring Term 2018
As the term continues please continue to scroll down the page to find the latest learning and ICT links.
Autumn  2nd half 2017
Festivals of Light
Tuesday 31st November 2017
Canterbury and Chichester classes spent the morning learning about the Hindu Festival of Diwali. The spent the day learning about how Hindus celeberate Diwali and they recreated rangoli  and mendi patterns, diwa lamps as part of their learning.
We hope that you enjoy talking with your child about their learning. Here are some pictures to help.