Are you concerned about a child?

You might become concerned because:

  • You see an injury that cannot be explained
  • A child may want to tell you about what is happening to him / her
  • Another person may express concern for a child’s well being
  • You may notice significant changes in the way a child behaves in school

What to do:

  • If you think a child is in danger of immediate, significant harm - ring the POLICE (999) now!
  • Listen non judgmentally to a child disclosure
  • Ask open questions to clarify but not to investigate
  • Do not promise confidentiality, explain you may need to talk to someone else
  • Reassure the child but avoid physical contact
  • Let the Designated Safeguarding Lead DSL (Giles Kolter) or his deputies know (Mr Cox & Mrs Wilson)
  • If these people aren't available ring the NSPCC, West Sussex I.F.D. (numbers below)
  • Don’t investigate. Listen to the child and then record in writing
  • Avoid judgements or opinions
  • If in doubt ask for advice and report things immediately


NSPCC HELPLINE: 0808 800 5000

West Sussex Social Services Referrals I.F.D: 01403 229900

DSL St Peter's CE Primary Sch: 01403 864365 -

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