Year 3 & 4 - Exeter

Welcome to Exeter Class!
Friday 3rd April

I will try to update this page each day, with ideas of what to do.  To begin with, it will mainly be activities from the packs you took home.

If you want to contact me, please do message me on the Exeter Class Facebook page (see link above).  If you are not on Facebook, and would like to contact me, please email school, or let a friend who is on Facebook know, and I will get back to you.

These are unprecedented times, and everyone will have their own routines to work out.  Please don’t feel you have to stress over schoolwork.  These activities are designed to keep learning ticking over and give you an idea of things to do with your children.  If things are getting stressful, feel free to stop and try another day or in a different way.  Everyone is finding their way at the moment, and that is ok.

Ideas for today

  1.  Finish the sheets in your pack if you haven't already. You don't need to complete all of the I can see/I can hear sheets - just 3 if possible.
  1. Topic - Continued from Wednesday- We have been learning about South America and the rainforests.  Now I want to take you a little further North, to Mexico, and the ancient Mayan civilisation.  They inhabited South Mexico for thousands of years. Here is a video that tells you about the ancient Mayans    Their many inventions and accomplishments include stone buildings and temples, pyramids (sound familiar?), early forms of writing, paper books and hot chocolate!  Over the next few days, I would like you to present what you learn from the video and any independent research you do.     Some ideas you could do are:       write a report; make an information poster; make some Mayan artwork; make your own Mayan hut, temple or pyramid; draw some Mayan hieroglyphs.  You may also have your own fun ideas. I would love so see what you come up with, so put it on our Facebook page/group or email school with what you have been up to.
  2. Spellings – get someone to test you.  Practise the ones you weren't sure about.
  3. Fun writing activity- Click on this link and go onto the author Swapna Haddow's 10 minute writing challenge, which involves writing from the point of view of an animal!
  4. Reading - read for 20 minutes (make sure it's at your level - not too easy, not too hard), and tell someone about what you have read.
Have a good day.  Stay safe, be kind and have fun!
Mrs Stebbings

Useful online resources:

 There are some amazing resources online at the moment, but it can get a bit bamboozling!  Have a play around and see what you fancy.  Here are some maths ideas to get you started.  I will add more as people get bored!

 Spellings and Grammar - make your own word search to practise your spellings    - to help with lots of aspects of spelling and grammar - videos and quizzes to help explain


French – a great site for learning all languages.  Enter the language you want to learn (we are currently learning French).  Choose Beginner, and earn points whilst you learn.


Here are some useful maths sites: - for practising recognising 3 digit numbers, using dienes. - for adding 3 one digit numbers - for practising division using dog bones! - practise times tables against another member of your family, using the same computer, phone or tablet – a fun penalty shoot out game, where you can choose the type of questions, from addition, subtraction, time, division and many more… - practising times tables - play golf whilst practicing addition at all levels.  This game has lots of choices, including telling you what the objectives are for each year group.


Take care.  Any queries, let me know