A new curriculum was introduced at St Peter's in September 2014, as it was right across Britain, and staff have ensured that coverage of the new objectives has been woven into engaging and meaningful 'Topics' for the children.

At St Peter's we recognise that the school’s key aim is to develop children who have a love for learning and have a solid foundation in the ‘Learning To Learn’ skills that they will need for secondary school and beyond. Our Curriculum is planned with the skills being developed at the forefront of teachers’ minds alongside the content and knowledge base being covered. We place great emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes such as resourcefulness, resilience and co-operation.

For more information about the principles that underpin our curriculum please see the Teaching & Learning Policy attached to this page.

Also attached is some key information about our curriculum. Should you require more detail, or if you have any questions about how our 'Topic Cycle' works, please do contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team. A Topic Overview is attached to your child's Class Page on this website, each time they begin a new topic, to enable parents to support their child's learning at home.