Year 6 - St Paul's

Thank you
Thank you to everyone who has emailed me to let me know how you’re getting on. If you haven’t already, could you please do so so I know who is managing to keep up with the work. Also, please continue to send me photos of your work or any other photos I can attach to the website.
If you are not managing to keep up with the work, don’t worry, just do what you can.

Monday 30th March
Please complete day 6 in your maths, reading and grammar packs.
I’d also like you to complete your first practice arithmetic test from your pack. I know you won’t be sitting your SATs as expected but these tests are still good practise to ensure you don’t forget those hard-earned strategies.
For English, please write out the conversation between the Warden, Stanley and Mr Sir after Mr Sir catches Stanley stealing his seeds. You can make this up from what you remember - if you’re really stuck, the film is on YouTube for a refresher. The purpose of this task is to revise using accurate speech punctuation.
Success criteria:
-inverted commas around speech
-new speaker new line
-punctuation at the beginning/end of speech
-capital letter to start speech
-split speech e.g. “What are you doing?” shouted Mr Sir, “Get over her now!”
-develop the story alongside the speech e.g. I don’t want a list of speech, remember to move the story on and weave the speech in.
Stay safe
Mr R
Tuesday 31st March
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL (for yesterday, sorry) - there will be a cake waiting for you when we get back to school!
Please complete day 7 in your maths, reading and grammar packs.
For English, I’d like you to design a new front cover for the book ‘Holes’ and write a new and exciting blurb. I’ve attached a photo of the original blurb for inspiration.
Keep sending me work please.
Stay safe
Mr R
Wednesday 1st April
Hello all! Thank you so much for the work you’re sending me, I’ll update the photos on the website later. It’s great to hear from so many of you about how you’re getting on - keep those emails coming!
I bet you can’t guess what your work is today!!?
Surprise surprise, I’d like you to complete day 8 in your maths, reading and grammar packs. 
For English, please write a diary entry as Richard from Touching the Void. In class, you have already written the same entry as Joe and Simon. It’s the day before the climb of Siula Grande.
Things to remember about Richard:
-he is not a climber
-he is travelling around Peru
-he met Joe and Simon in Lima
-he likes Simon but is not sure about Joe
You have two days to write and edit this diary entry.
How many of you are completing the Joe Wicks workout every day? Grace and I are trying to (it’s harder than I thought it would be). Lisa can barely get off the sofa (don’t tell her I said that) so she doesn’t join in. Eddie isn’t a fan of Joe Wicks and tries to disrupt the workout as much as possible.
Your last task today is to do something extra special to help your parents out - offer to do the washing up, hoovering, tidy your room etc.
Stay safe
Mr R
Thursday 2nd April
Thank you again for all the photos, I’ll update the website tonight.
Please complete day 9 in your maths, reading and grammar packs and finish your diary entry. Tomorrow I will provide the answers for the packs.
If you want extra work, feel free to work through your grammar and punctuation revision books, I don’t mind which pages you complete.
Please check the website on Friday as there will be some tasks to complete over the Easter break. Don’t worry, they are not lots of work and hopefully should be quite fun.
Stay safe
Mr R
Friday 3rd April

Please complete day 10 of your maths, grammar and reading packs.
Then, please use the link below to mark your packs.
Please note, your maths packs were the ‘expected standard’ packs.
I appreciate this will take a lot of time, so this is your only task today.
Mr Kolter is sending a letter out tomorrow explaining how your work will be set after Easter. This letter will also include some ‘optional’ tasks you can choose to complete during your Easter break. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing you can do over Easter is to spend quality time with your family and have fun without having to stress about upcoming SATs! However, the task I would be particularly interested in reading is the study of your family tree. Our topic after Easter was due to be ‘We Are Britain’ where we were going to study how people came to Britain and settled. I would be really interested to read how far you can trace your family tree back and where you ‘originally came from’. This is a good opportunity to speak with family members - grandparents, uncles, aunts etc to see what they know too. Check below to see the start of my family tree as I am going to do the same task...
Stay safe everyone and have a lovely Easter!
Mr R
If you have any major problems about the work set, feel free to contact me at I will endeavour to check my emails daily and reply where possible. If you are stuck on individual questions etc please just leave it and move on, you don’t need to email for this. 

Mr R
Monday23rd March 
Hey Guys! Hope you’re all well.
On Monday, I would like you to complete ‘Day 1’ tasks on the maths, grammar and reading packs.
Also, please write your first letter from Stanley Yelnats to his parents after arriving at Camp Green Lake(task 2 on your list of writing tasks in your pack). Remember, Stanley tries to convince his mum that he is having a lovely time and doing exciting activities so she doesn’t worry about him. 

Success Criteria:
- discuss (fake) events that have happened
-first impressions of Camp Green Lake
-people you’ve met and thoughts about them, Zero, X Ray, Mr Sir, Mr Pendanski
This task should take at least 45 minutes.
FUTURE WORK WILL APPEAR HERE DAILY - please try to keep up.
Stay Safe
Mr Ritchie
Tuesday 24th March
Good morning!
Please complete Day 2 in your maths, reading and grammar packs. I will provide answers for the first 5 days over the weekend. 

Please write your 2nd letter from Stanley to his parents. This time, I would like the letter to be realistic about what life is really like at Camp Green Lake. You can use your first letter as a guide and follow the same structure showing the contrast in how Stanley (you) describes his experiences. If you wish to type your letters, feel free to email them to me so I can read them (I was really looking forward to teaching this task to you so I’d like to see what you come up with). 

I’d also like to direct you to Joe Wicks’ videos on YouTube (just search for Joe Wicks PE). He is providing daily 30minute PE lessons for children to follow. I’ve had a look and they’re really good. It’s so important for you all to stay active, even if you’re stuck indoors. 

Stay safe and keep up with your work. 

Mr R
Wednesday 25th March
I hope you’re all well.
Please complete day 3 in your maths, grammar and reading packs. Please thoroughly edit your two letters from Stanley.
I would also like you to complete some science work too. Please research the human digestive system. I would like you to show your understanding of this by completing one of the following task...
-make a labelled diagram of the digestive system to show how it works.
-make a model (paper, junk model, or anything else you like) to represent the system
-write diary entry as a piece of food making your journey through the digestive system
-write instructions for building a ‘human robot’ describing how the digestive system needs to be put together and how it works
Hopefully you can make this a fun task. Again, feel free to email me any work/photos (email address at the top of the page).
Please make sure you are reading regularly and keeping active (Joe Wicks’ new video is available on Youtube).
Stay safe
Mr R
Thursday 26th March
Please complete day 4 in your maths, reading and grammar packs.
Complete Task 3 on your Writing tasks sheet (this will take two days). You need to write a description of Camp Green Lake (think back to your fantastic descriptive work about Rose Blanche).
Success Criteria:
- exciting sentence starters
- short sentences, repetition, rhetorical questions
- metaphor or simile
- range of advanced punctuation (including a semi colon and single dash)
- developed paragraphs - try to describe some minor events/aspects in detail e.g. one of the camp mates faces, eyes, a yellow spotted lizard, the dry ground, a single cloud in the sky.
Stay safe
Mr R
Friday  27th March

Hi all
Firstly, thank you to those who have sent me work so far, I’ve really enjoyed reading it - it made me feel like a real teacher again! I’ve attached some photos below.
Please complete day 5 in your maths, reading and grammar packs. Please complete your description of Camp Green Lake and edit it thoroughly making sure you’ve included all the descriptive devices we’ve discussed this year. If you finish, you could also draw a picture based on your description.
I hope to see you all soon.
Mr R
Here’s my ‘at home’ PE lesson. 
Don’t try this at home unless you’ve asked permission (I got in trouble!!) - it ruins the toilet roll. 
Welcome to Year 6  - St Paul's Class
Welcome to St Paul's Class.
The Year 6 class is taught by Mr Ritchie.
Mr Ritchie is the Senior Teacher for KS2 and also leads Maths at St Peter's.
The class is supported by Ms Whitley who is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA).
Our Spring topic is Reach for the Sky! 
During this topic, the children will learn about mountains and explorers. We will be reading (and watching the film) Touching the Void to inspire our writing.
Below is a link to our topic web for the Spring Term. This details what Year 6 will be learning about in other areas of the curriculum too.
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