Year 4 & 5 - York

School Closure Week 2
Communication with York Families
Ideally, pupils will work through a range of different activities each day.  Try to ensure no longer than 30 minutes on any activity and give yourself a break if it gets too much to juggle. 
A suggested daily range of activities COULD include: 
  • 1 or 2 maths drills.  Use MyMaths, TT Rockstars, Maths-drills worksheets or MathsShed (details to follow). 
  • Every few days, include 1 Maths lesson OR one maths investigation.  The lessons and investigations will become more regular postings to Seesaw. 
  • One session daily on SpellingShed (details to follow separately) OR one grammar activity from Seesaw.
  • One diary entry (a personal diary documenting their time of home-learning) OR one other English task.  This could be a comprehension exercise accessed from Seesaw or a writing task for which, details will again be suggested on Seesaw.
  • One 20-30 minute reading session each day OR
  • An Accelerated reader quiz on completion of each book (details to follow)
Free ebooks can be viewed online using myON.  You could even use Audible which is offering free listens on children's books for the time being. 
Foundation subjects:
Choose to complete one of the following each day.
  1. Computing - use Rapidrouter for programming (contact me through Seesaw for passwords) and complete the powerpoint presentation for digital literacy practise.
  2. Science - activity ideas are on Seesaw
  3. Music - activity ideas are on Seesaw
  4. Humanities - activity ideas are on Seesaw
  5. Art - suggested ideas will be posted to Seesaw
  6. Languages - try DuoLingo for French
This is as important, probably more important, than all the academic tasks.  Try to give these a look out at some point each day. 
  • Exercise. Joe Wick's YouTube channel is great.  But other options do exist. I will compile a list and provide details.
  • Family time
  • Life skills (I would encourage helping out at home for example)
  • Creative task (lego / drawing / crafting & making / cooking are all options)
If your child has not yet accessed Seesaw, please encourage them to do so.  Please also use your QR code to join up yourself.  It is the best way for us to keep in touch, for you to ask questions and for us to support your child with their home-learning.  If you/your child no longer has their login details, please contact using the school office email.  
Please note that the activities suggested are supportive ideas.  It is not our intention for home-learning to become an additional source of stress.  Families are already under a great deal of stress and pressure and we want to help alleviate the burden, not add to them.
For families who do not have computer access, the class teachers will continue to liaise with you directly to maintain alternative solutions.
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