I cannot emphasise enough how well the children are doing. 

Multiple instructors and staff members from the PGL team have singled out the children for their exemplary behaviour and good manners. They really are a credit to us.  I am so proud of how they are interacting with each other and with adults. 

They have shown kindness towards each other and courage in today's challenging activities - tasks that would faze most adults.  They have each given all of today's activities a crack. Whether it was scaling a narrow wobbly pole (a pole which would dwarf our school's horsechestnut tree), throwing themselves off a self-made raft or abseiling from a high tower, each child has pushed themselves to have a go.  Grace was a trailblazer for her group volunteering to be the first to climb. Immy proved that it is not just boys who can make it to the top and Huxley...he made it look like a walk in the park.  Phenomenal!   Oh, and if anyone ever needs help navigating, ask team JIB. Jacob, Isaac and Brandon were outstanding in orienteering.  The three boys had made it back to base camp before most had finished reapplying their sun cream!  

Here are a few of today's pictures. Mrs Bateman