Good evening!
We are coming to the end of our stay here at Marchants Hill :(
Today we have completed activities including abseiling, sensory trail, survivor and low ropes. Again, the children have excelled and amazed even themselves with what they’ve been capable of!
Last night’s campfire was fantastic. I’m sure our songs and chants will have been heard for miles around...and I’m sure you will be hearing them repeated over and over and over and over again at home for weeks to come - enjoy!
Tomorrow morning we have two more activities, including Challenge Course (the messiest and dirtiest activity - great planning PGL, thanks very much), then lunch and we will then board the bus for our (rapturous and triumphant) return to Cowfold.
Mr Ritchie
ps you may wish to use this last little bit of time before the return of your children to pop to the Co-Op for some washing detergent and frebreeze (you can thank me later)